Redirecting a user to a different URL with JavaScript

As a frontend developer I love using JavaScript. It is really easy to start programming with it. That’s probably one of the reasons why I wrote so much bad code in my few years as a developer. Live and learn I suppose. Most Web sites these days use JavaScript. Some… Read more

No really quit college and learn to program computers

I have been thinking quite a lot on the subject of education and going to college. I was lucky enough that by the time I finished an enlistment of 6 years in the navy, I was able to go through my undergraduate and graduate degree all paid by the G.I…. Read more

There are two kinds of people

Those who like coffee and those who like tea. Wait what about those who like both? Maybe there is three, or four. I’m not sure any more. Maybe all people are different and unique. Even better we are all the same. It’s very difficult to put people in categories because… Read more