Components with the HTML template tag and JavaScript

Components have been a big talk in the Web development world. Specifically front-end components. Projects like AngularJS, Ember, Polymer and most recently Facebook’s React framework have taken a stab at it. Today I am going to use the HTML <template> tag and a little JavaScript to create our own. What… Read more

Redirecting a user to a different URL with JavaScript

As a frontend developer I love using JavaScript. It is really easy to start programming with it. That’s probably one of the reasons why I wrote so much bad code in my few years as a developer. Live and learn I suppose. Most Web sites these days use JavaScript. Some… Read more

No really quit college and learn to program computers

I have been thinking quite a lot on the subject of education and going to college. I was lucky enough that by the time I finished an enlistment of 6 years in the navy, I was able to go through my undergraduate and graduate degree all paid by the G.I…. Read more