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Responsive is better

With a responsive design your company manages one site with a consistent look across multiple platforms. Someone give me a high five!

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Upload Files With PHP: The Form ecttype Attribute

Recently I started playing again with PHP. Since I hadn’t touched it in a few months my skills were a bit rusty. I was working on a feature to allow users to upload files to a server. I just could not get the file to upload and it was driving… Read more

Responsive Design: Cutting The Mustard

I’ve been working on responsive designs for a bit now. My current position at Seagate Technology has given me ample opportunity to experiment with new ideas to improve the user experience. At this point, it is obvious that people are consuming information on their devices on the go, at home… Read more

Animating Icons With CSS3 Transitions

CSS3 is truly a game changer when it comes to web development. Mixed with JavaScript, it adds another level of what is possible on the web while improving performance. Traditionally JavaScript is used to add animation to buttons or icons when a vistor interacts with them. Libraries like jQuery and… Read more