Landing Page Design: Your designer probably got it wrong

Before going any further I feel the need to qualify the title of this post to put designers at ease. I don’t mean that designers don’t do great work. On the contrary, a designer can make or break a product or a landing page. When designing a landing page there… Read more

Your web pages should be design to achieve a single goal

In my experience I have noticed that the biggest reason a web page does not perform as expected, is because it lacks the clarity of a single purpose. If a company is going to invest resources to put something out there, it is important to have clear what it is… Read more

Components with the HTML template tag and JavaScript

Components have been a big talk in the Web development world. Specifically front-end components. Projects like AngularJS, Ember, Polymer and most recently Facebook’s React framework have taken a stab at it. Today I am going to use the HTML <template> tag and a little JavaScript to create our own. What… Read more